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Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Adelaide Branch

Part of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and involved in the AEVA Forum

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Parts Suppliers

 Australian  Parts                                                                                                                                         

  • Motion Dynamics - parts for small drive trains - scooters, go-karts etc, some stuff not available anywhere else. Ph: (02) 9687 9187

  • Hammat Precision Engineering - Adapter plates and couplers etc. made to order.
    Shop 33/798 Marion Road, Marion, South Australia 5043, Ph:(08) 83771871
    This is at the rear of the Trade Centre, access via George St (off Marion Rd) to the right of the Trade Centre.

  • Drives & Accessories - Sales and Service - Adapter plates and couplers, etc. made to order.
    117-121 South Tce, Wingfield SA 5103. Phone (08) 8345 5748, Rick Foldesdy Mob: 0408 857 741


  • Kestar Enterprises (Eric Rodda) - Orange Flexible Welding/Power Cable 50mm2
    Now available at $13.00 per metre.
    Requirements: Minimum of one metre and then metre increments.
    This double insulated cable is super flexible because of the Nitrile (NBR) PVC insulation and sheath.
    Download information PDF
    Contact: Eric on 0403225871 or email (see Contact page).

  • Key Tubing & Electrical Industries - Flexible Welding/Power Cable from 10mm2 to 120mm2
    and lugs to suit etc.
    Note: $300.00 minimum order before GST. You may be required to buy a whole roll.

    Sandy Visser, Internal Cable Sales enquiries.
    PH: 08 8374 1400
    Email: sandy[dot]visser[at]kte[dot]com[dot]au

    6 Manfull Street, Melrose Park, South Australia 5039

  • MiC - - Electric bikes and bike trolleys.
       "End of stock Clearance Sale now on" see "For Sale" page.

  • ZEVA - Zero Emission Vehicles Australia - - Many different product for your EV

  • EV Works - - Everything for the EV and information
        ... consisting of combined resources of:
               - Electric Vehicles WA - 
               - Zero Emission Vehicles Australia -   

  • EV Power - Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries and BMS system.  

  • Electric Vehicle Motors  - - Advanced DC Motors.

  • ADM Instrument Engineering - - Mean Well DC-DC Converters. Data is available on the website and a catalogue is available to download.
    Please contact Glenn Bates and staff for a quotation or more information.
    Phone (03) 9580 1788 or FAX (03) 9580 5788 or email

  • Futurlec - for electronic relays etc.

  • Bylong Industries Contact: Michael King Phone (02) 9439-4177 Motors, Controllers, gauges, contactors, speed regulators etc.

  • Cleveland Electronic Services - - SEVCON agent.

  • Electric Vehicle Warehouse - - Conversion kits plus components.

  • Outback Marine Australia - - Various bits & pieces, a source of hard-to-find "T" Class fuses.

  • The 12 Volt Shop - -   All low voltage parts and accessories.

  • Woods Battery Chargers -  Contact: Shaun Woods
    Phone (02) 4966-2811  Suppliers of custom chargers for 48-144 volt systems

  • Live by Nature and Drive by Nature - - Motors, controllers, batteries, chargers, battery equalisation/monitoring, vacuum pumps etc...

  • E-MTB Australia - - Headway Lithium Iron cells and electric bike parts.

  • LiFeTech - Lithium Batteries Australia - - Lithium cells/batteries and accessories.

  • OZ-DIY EVs - - ZIBO MOTOR CO agency (Chinese motor/controller/charger/dc-dc converter plus more kits). Contact Graeme Manietta
    Phone: 0412 514 032.

  • Ashdown-Ingram Australia - - Battery terminal insulators plus more wiring and heatshrink products.

  • Wit-tee - - Digital T-Shirt Printers. Design your own T-Shirt !

  • ERider - Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorbikes.

  • EV.COM - - Ken Burridge's site with a wealth of information. World wide coverage.

  • Electric Autos - - VMoto Electric Scooters.

  • Vinyl Lettering - - Order online

  • Ultramotive - - Electric Motors (including in-wheel)

  • Tritium - - Fast Chargers - Motor controllers - Battery Management etc.


 Overseas  Parts (Other than Australia)                                                                                                  

 Grey Imports (EVs)                                                                                                                         

       Grey Import companies in SA

 Service Providers                                                                                                                              

  • EVPlus Conversions (SA) - Plug-in Hybrid conversion info - - Conversions of Toyota Prius to plug-in.  EV and Hybrid news items etc...

  • OZ-DIY Electric Cars (QLD) - - They will supply kits and parts so that you can convert your vehicle to electric drive. Contact Graeme Manietta
    Phone: 0412 514 032.

  • evShop (WA) - - Let Daniel Booth and his team convert your car to electric dive. Also hybrid service centre and EFI automotives.

  • WebPageOz - - Have your electric car conversion proudly displayed on the web with a web page like this one.

  • Left Coast Electric - USA - - EV conversions.

  • Electric AutoSports (EAS) - - Electric Vehicle Specialists - Battery supplies, EV Conversions, Plug-in Hybrid Conversions

  • EV North (QLD) - EV conversion in the north of Queensland -


  • Please submit URL's, to the Webmaster (Contact page), that you have found so that they can added to the list.

 Plug-In Hybrid Conversions                                                                                                             

  • EVPlus Conversions (SA) - Plug-in Hybrid conversion info - - Conversions of Toyota Prius to plug-in.  EV and Hybrid news items etc...

 Registering Your EV In South Australia                                                                                         

  • The 'Certification' page on the EVRIC web site gives full details of the steps required...

  • Please submit URL's, to the Webmaster (Contact page), that you have found so that they can added to the list.

 Regulations & Government Sites                                                                                                    

 Other Electric Vehicle Websites                                                                                                        

 Electric Cars - (USA)                                                                                                                          

 Electric Cars - (Australia)                                                                                                                   

  • Arcspeed (NSW) - - Australia's first electric sports car.

  • Energetique (NSW) - - The home of the evMe and maxEV

  • SuziAuto Electric Cars (QLD) - - They will convert your vehicle to electric drive or supply you with a car which has already been converted to electric drive.

 Electric Karts                                                                                                                                        


 Email Newsletters                                                                                                                               

  • GoAutoNews (John Mellor's GoAutoMedia) - - weekly newsletters delivered to your email inbox. Register here.

  • EVTalk - Newsletters and PDF Magazines, with all the latest EV News. Register here.

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 History of EVs + Other EV Articles                                                                                                    


Tech Sites                                                                                                                                      


 Education, Training and Resources                                                                                                 



 Energy Suppliers and Energy Electric Cars                                                                                      

 EV Development Sites                                                                                                                        

 New EVs Available Now!                                                                                                                    

 Other Associations                                                                                                                              

  • Inventors Association of Australia (SA) Inc - - Monthly meetings in Adelaide - see website for details.

  • RENEW (formally ATA) - - (Alternative Technology Association) - Great meetings with great guest speakers. The home of the "RENEW" magazine.

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