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Australian Electric Vehicle Association


WELCOME to the AEVA (SA Branch)

This website is devoted to those who are involved in
or interested in electric cars and other electric vehicles
in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

eFXC 2016 - Electric Superbikes

The electric superbikes are back for 2016, with round one of the eFXC series kicking off at Mallala Motorsports Park, Mallala SA. Now in its fifth year, the eFX Championship is Australia's only dedicated electric motorsport series. While growth in the number of bikes on the starting grid has been slow, development of the bikes has been phenomenal, with lap records being broken each year. Already the frontrunning machines are lapping just 10 seconds behind Australia's fastest premier petrol bike classes. The electric bikes have been a regular class at the Australasian Superbike Championship series, which tours around the country. The race weekends are as follows:

27th – 29th May, Mallala Raceway, Mallala SA

8th – 10th July, Queensland Raceway, Willowbank Qld
9th - 10th September, Sydney Motorsport Park, Blacktown NSW (Fri-Sat)
28th – 30th October, Queensland Raceway, Willowbank Qld
16tth – 17th December, Sydney Motorsport Park, Blacktown NSW (Fri-Sat Day/Twilight)

We encourage all AEVA members to come along and support the teams who are developing some world-class electric motorsport machinery.

For more information please contact Chris Jones:

 christophergrahamjones @ gmail . com

(Please reconstruct the email address, without the spaces.)

If any AEVA members from Adelaide are going to attend on one or more of the three days, could they contact Eric Rodda (Contact page) to arrange to take (and bring back!) our AEVA flag.


The AEVA National AGM - Seminar - Plugin Expo
is be held here in Adelaide
October 21, 22 & 23, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

1) Seminar: "Powering The Future" - Electric Transport and Energy Solutions.
Registrations: 8:30am Seminar 9am - 4pm
 Light lunch supplied.
 Free entry for AEVA members, Non members to register/pay on-line, or cash at the door (if space available).
2) AEVA Council Meeting
To be held: (in a place to be determined - either the above hall or in The Joinery, 111 Franklin St Adelaide)
4:30 - 5:30pm

Saturday, October 22, 2016
1) (a) AEVA Member Workshop,
(b) AGM,
(c) Possible field visit,
(d) Dinner (venue to be determined)
2) (a) Alternate arrangements or partners / wives / husbands of members - a bus trip to well known South Australian destination (Possible
Gawler/Barossa0. There will be a small charge for this.
(b) Combined dinner with members (as in 1) (d)

Sunday, October 23, 2016
"Plugin Expo" to be held (hopefully) in Victoria Square, in the centre of Adelaide.
9am to 3pm

More detail may be available on the National website:




March 7, 2016
Discount car parking for electric powered and low emission vehicles would be implemented before the end of the year under a plan by the Adelaide City Council.



If you are visiting Kangaroo Island in your electric car and would like to charge it at one of their six ChargePoint charging stations, please note the following changes to the cost of charging.

- Minimum charge of $2.80 which includes the
   first hour.
- Then $2.80 for each additional hour.
- Capped (maximum) charge of $16.85

Before you make you trip, make sure you sign up with ChargePoint, so that you are organised.

Please note that these chargers use the J1772 standard, so some adapters may be required for some electric cars.



For the latest news on electric vehicles and hybrids checkout EVPLUS.


Did you know that AEVA Corporate Members can advertise here for free?

Join today for $100 / annum

Contact the secretary
via the Contact page on this website
for more information.

Note: Advertisements are to be related to goods and services relevant to the requirements of members of the AEVA.


Members can advertise items on the
"For Sale"
page on this website.

Join today from $20/ annum

More info...

Note: Advertisements are to be related to goods and services relevant to the requirements of members of the AEVA.


South Australian Government
Low Emission Vehicles

South Australia’s Low Emission Vehicle Strategy 2012-16




   The next meeting will be on:

15th June 2016
at 7:30pm

See Meetings page for more details...


Did you miss this event?

"It's Electric"

Electric Vehicle Display
(and Christmas Break-up)

- Edwards Park -
on Anzac Highway

Saturday December 5,2015
10am - 4pm

See photos from this event

Click map for larger image.




 Did you miss seeing us at the
Mini Maker Faire
Tonsley ?

November 1st, 2015

Photos of the event
coming soon...



If you can assist with this project
or for more information...

Mobile: Andrew Dickson 0418 866 470

  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Test drive the new
Outlander PHEV
(Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)


Phone: Alex Payne
8269 5888 to make an appointment
Alex Payne of
Agostino Mitsubishi
151 Main North Rd,
Nailsworth SA 5082


  Holden VOLT

Test drive the new
Holden Volt
Extended Range Electric Car

Phone: Hamilton Holden on
8179 4300 to make an appointment
with Glen Worden

Download Brochure


  Nissan LEAF

Test drive the
Nissan LEAF Electric Car

Phone: Unley Nissan on
8306-7777 to make an appointment.


  Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Contact your local Mitsubishi dealer now! for great deals on refurbished ex-lease i-MiEVs



      New YouTube Channel   

EV Review

...with the first review being the
Mitsubishi i-MiEV Electric Car.

Australian Government Electric Vehicle Incentives by State and Territory

  Vehicle Registration Stamp Duty Other Luxury Car Tax (LCT)
South Australia - - -  
Western Australia - - -
Tasmania - - -
Queensland - - -
New South Wales - - -
Victoria $100.00 reduction - -
Canberra - No stamp duty -
Northern Territory - - -
Federal * - - - Increased threshold for fuel efficient cars **


- The dash represents NO GOVERNMENT INCENTIVE

* Federal represent the government for the whole of Australia.

** LCT - The tax (33%) threshold has been increased from $60,316 to $75,375 for cars with a fuel efficiency of 7L/100km or better (figures are for 2013-2014)  More info...

Worldwide Incentives from National/State Governments
for purchase of a Battery Electric Vehicle

USA $13,500 ~ Federal and State incentives combined, varies state by state, and with the size of the battery. US Sales Feb 2014 (PDF)
UK $7,800  
China $1,900  
Denmark $2,500  
France $6,700 News (December 11, 2014): The government plans to reduce the tax advantage of diesel fuel vis-a-vis gas, raise the excise
tax on diesel by 2 cents per litre, and offer a bonus of up to 10,000 euros to drivers who trade in a diesel for an EV.
Ireland $6,700  
Portugal $11,700  
Spain $8,000  
Belgium $13,550  
Canada $5,000 - $8,500 Based on location
Australia $0 See Note 2
1. Figures are in USD as at March 2014
2. Victoria has a lower registration cost for a BEV.(See Australian Incentives table above...)

Thanks to Bob Gell from GELCOservices for compiling this list.


 Click picture to open full size...


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Have you an interest in electric cars? - Become a member.

To join the AEVA or renew your membership, this can be done on-line

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   AEVA Membership
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Membership costs:
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The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc. (AEVA) is a non profit organisation founded in 1973, comprising individuals and organisations interested in the development, manufacture, sale or use of electric vehicles and their components. For more information see

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